Posted by: Jess | January 4, 2010

Are you listening?

Are you listening? Can you hear it? It’s like a cry on a whisper. Calling out to me, to a place where the worries are few and the silence is deafening. A place where laugher is more often than the tears; where plans turn out the way you anticipated; where the people care for you and one another. A place where the homes are filled with love and the streets are filled with song and dance.

I sit here hearing the call but unable to return it. I try to explain to cry to others, but they can not or will not listen.

Oh how I long to be free.



  1. Wow, I really liked this one alot.
    I hope you find your freedom and this place of “are you listening?” becomes a a reality for you.
    Keep writing,you have talent and style!

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