Posted by: Jess | July 18, 2010

What’s with the Yak?!

Last night I had one of the craziest dreams I’ve ever had. It started out that I discovered my step brother was breastfeeding from my mother. This won’t be so incredible weird if my step brother wasn’t 14 in this dream. It was very disturbing to say the least. I then went to go to our front porch. I fond that my mother had redesigned the front porch so that you had to crawl through it to reach the stairs. I was uber frustrated to see this and told my mother so. She couldn’t care less what my opinion was. Soon friends of my family’s came over and as I watch them come down the street I noticed in the other block a buffalo wandered a cross the street and into some one’s yard. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I decided to take no notice of it and greet my friends anyway. But then I noticed my friends Frank wasn’t him at all and they were missing their little girl. They were getting out of the car when I saw a BIG yellow yak in my neighbour’s yard. It wasn’t doing anything but it seemed to be staring at me. I looked away for a second and then the yak was in my yard. It stood there staring at me and then it charged me. I was standing on the stairs and tried to climb more to move out of the path of the on coming yak. It jumped in a frantic motion to get me and it would have but missed me by inches.
I have no idea what it meant. Very strange indeed.


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