Posted by: Jess | July 19, 2010

You wanna piece of me?

So last night I had this dream that my sister and I went to an aqua marina. We got there late so most of the shows were already over. disappointed, cranky, and frustrated we headed toward the entrance. As we were walking I noticed one last dolphin show going on. We stopped on the side to watch when a large security lady walking behind us nudged me forward to stop my sister and I from watching the show. I put up a small argument that we hadn’t seen any shows all day and just wanted to see one, but before I could finish she pushed me again. At this point I was almost at my snapping moment. Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

I realized when I awoke that a lot of my dreams lately have had a lot of other people trying to pick fights with me. Which is very frustrating. Maybe it’s because I’m sick and my dreams tend to be a little more bizarre. Maybe I’m just waiting for people to push me a little too far for me to snap. Who knows? I don’t.


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