Posted by: Jess | July 26, 2010

End of the World

The other night I had this very vivid dream. I was on my front porch and it started to rain, but it was unlike any rain I have seen before. It was like a steady stream of water from high in the sky right to a three-foot area in my drive way. The sky was clear except for a few clouds and these weird rain thingy. I stood there in awe just looking at this amazing thing in front of me. It wasn’t straight down either it came down at an angle like a long slide reaching hundreds of feet high. As fast as it started it was gone. I then saw my family return from where ever they were. That’s when I saw this beautiful new garden in my yard. It was filled with wild flowers, round river stones, and this old tree stump that looked this something out of a story book. My family acted liked it wasn’t any thing new or incredible beautiful. That’s when the dark plump thunder clouds rolled over the mountains. Seeing this my family and I headed inside. My sister insisted she stay a bit longer and look for something she lost in the yard. I then agreed to watch her while she looked. Then I saw this huge swirl start in the clouds. I called my sister to get in the house and she obeyed, but for some reason I stayed on the front porch mesmerized by this mega force unfolding before me. The swirl gathered in size and speed forming into a huge tube then finally touching the ground creating a large dust ring as it destroyed everything in its path. And then I woke up not so much frightened (I used to be terrified of tornadoes) but more awestruck.


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