Posted by: Jess | September 1, 2010

Flying with Elephants

I had a very vivid dream last night. The first one I have had in weeks and to my pleasure it was a flying dream. I have always loved flying dream (really who doesn’t) even since I was a little girl.
What made this one different was that I knew I was dreaming; which is even more rare than my flying dreams. I remember that in the dream(although I knew I was dreaming) everything around me was so lucidly real. Oh and the colors! The colors were so luminous that it makes all the other colors in everyday life seem dreary; almost watered down, like a painting that was left in the rain.
I was standing in my front yard when I realized I could fly. I could push-off the ground with great speed but then I would slow down like the feeling of being in water. I then tried swimming motions with my arms hoping I would gain the height. As I was trying to fly as high as my neighbor’s tree I was thinking how funny I might look if anyone should see me sleeping in my bed doing what looked like a frog swimming style. I smiled as I thought about this when I saw a small dark blue balloon. I reached out and grabbed it and saw that it was the back leg to a large balloon animal in the shape of an elephant. I also saw that it was looking back at me waiting for me to hold on as it towed me higher in to the evening sky. I held on with no hesitation unlike anytime I make balloon animals in waking life. The fear of having one pop in my hands with its high pitch squeak and the tension in its rubber skin makes me wince. In my dream, however, the rubber material was softer with less tension but without losing its full shape; and it was made of many different colors. We traveled higher and higher into sky soaring among the warm colored clouds. Soon the clouds began to build and build like boiling water. Soon the clouds were no longer puffy and warm colored but almost black and heavy with lighting and thunder. Frightened I hear a women’s voice telling me to hide in the elephants middle. I pried the barrel like balloon ribs of the elephant apart and crawled inside. Safe inside its yellow being I could hear the storm raging outside its rubber body. The storm had subsided and I exited the elephant. We had come to a typical truck stop and was flying under the roof and past the gas pumps. Soon it was night-time and I was being lowered into a grassy lawn of someones home. As I stepped off of the elephant I saw a man emerge out of the white house. I can’t remember what the man looked like besides tall and medium build but somehow I knew he was for me and I was for him. Some time later we were traveling but some new buildings made of glass. They were 200 stories high and they were mostly glass; shining like crystals. My man was inside a convenience store while I was admiring the sheer magnitude of the new buildings when I heard the same voice that I heard while riding the balloon elephant. I told me to hide inside the concrete office close by and fast. By this time my man had returned from the store when I grabbed his hand lead us to the office. As we ran I told my man that we needed to take shelter and quick. We both banged on the heavy and screamed for the construction men to let us inside. Hearing how frantic we sounded they let us in. Once in I motioned that the door should be closed immediately behind us. As soon as the concrete door had looked into place the ground shook and then came the sound of an enormously powerful wind that hit the office. After a moment of stunned silence the office tv switched over to a breaking news story; showing live footage of the once new buildings and little convenience store, now just hollow metal framework. Still standing by the door and judging by the news pictures we decided to exit the building. We saw the small store empty and debris all over the ground. Then we saw the buildings. Most were still standing, but all were hollowed out like swiss cheese. Seeing all this destruction all around us knowing that only a few minutes ago it was busy with normality left us feeling bizarre and out-of-place. My man and I then embraced each other feeling humble and lucky to be alive.

Then I woke up.


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