Posted by: Jess | June 12, 2010

Peaceful Slummber

I am now going to tell you about a dream I had months ago. Micheal Caine, Alan Alda and myself were traveling on a train. We sat quietly as the grassy dunes passed by our one window. We were traveling to visit some friends of Micheal and Alan’s at a house by the sea. As we arrived at the house I go the impression that we weren’t celebrating any graduation or birthday but more of a mournful sorrow feel to the visit. There was nothing visible that gave this impression like others dressed in black or large frames pictures of loved ones or banners saying things like “We Will Miss You”; “Gone But Not Forgotten”, but it was an eerie party.
I ventured up stairs to escape some of the gloom and to find a bathroom. As I wondered through the upstairs looking at scenery painting of cottages and framed collages of family members at picnics and holiday feasts one of those same family members found me and asked what I was doing up stairs. I was trying to think of what was my first inclination to go up stairs while the angry man exclaimed that the up floor was too unstable to have people wondering on it. I was looking around wondering if that was true why were there dozen of boxes and a piano up here when the house shifted and started to rattle. I took this opportunity to leave the house motioning that Micheal and Alan should follow me.
Relieved that neither of my friends were questioning me about the house we then got on a bus to go to and find some dinner in a near by small town. We found a local pizza place, but as we got closer we found it to be a pizza and bowling alley. Tiered and hungry we went inside to see that a church had rented the place and was having a party. Luckily the crowd of happy people let us in to dine.

The dream itself wasn’t that memorial, but the feelings throughout the dream. Especially the first part on the train. It was like time had slowed down and there was a feeling of peace and safety as I watched the dunes go by.

Posted by: Jess | March 26, 2010

Nightmare at 2 o’clock

Last night around 2 o’clock I awoke from a nightmare. That wasn’t so uncommon but what was unusual was how the dream started a posed to how it ended.

I was in a mall doing some window shopping when someone ran up to me. I asked what was wrong, but she could stop to say what it was that was going on. I then started walking toward the area where the chaos was coming from. Soon I found the guy responsible for all the panic. He was wearing a gray denim jacket with a gun in one hand and looking for something among the scattered retail items that littered the floor. As soon as he noticed me he ran up to me pushing me against a wall asking where something was. I had no idea what he was talking about and before I could answer him he looked around for something. Finding a small mouse toy he held it up in the air and exclaimed, “Tell me or the little mouse gets it!”
I at this point didn’t find this guy really threatening at all, how could I be if he was threatening a toy mouse and not me or any one else. So I knocked the gun out of his hand leaving him stunned for a moment. This gave me the opportunity to take a clean shot at this wierd guy and so I gave him a mean right hook knocking him to the floor. I then kick the gun away from the guys reach. He started to come to before I kicked him in the head making him unconscious. Finding some rope I tied him up to the police to find him. Satisfied I went home feeling very proud of myself.
It was dark by the time I got home and as I was walking up to my door I fumbled around for my key to my door. As I found the correct key I looking up to find the grey jacket guy standing in found of me. At that moment I no longer found him unthreatening and I was frozen in my steps with fear. Seeing that I could no longer get to my door I tried to get to my neighbor’s house next to mine, but as fast as lightning the guy grabbed me with both hands he’s fingers digging into my upper arms. He was so close to me I could feel his hot breath on my neck and see the uncontrollable rage behind his eyes. He began to whisper something into my ear when I knee him in the groin and ran for my other neighbors house (who I know are proud gun owners). I tried to yell out their names but found I could only roughly shout. I scrambled for the latch to their fence. He got closer and closer my heart beating wildly in my ears. Just as I got the latch undone I could hear him right behind me.

I then woke up in a shock. My heart still beating in my ears.

Posted by: Jess | March 11, 2010

Early! So early!

I can’t remember the last time I was up early enough to see the sun rise. Last night I had a dream, but the dream it self wasn’t that interesting. What is interesting about it was how I awoke from it. For the first time this week I awoke from a dream that didn’t leave me feeling angry, frustrated, or upset. This got me thinking. Why this morning and not any other night this week?
The only difference between today and the past week was that my friend and I had plans to get up at the unearthly hour of five in the morning and go for a healthy walk, but at the last-minute she cancelled. So I’m left wide awake at 5 and literally hours and hours to kill.
But there is the fact that I did awoke in a great mood (despite the horrid hour), wish makes me think that I should start getting up earlier than normal. I would get a lot more done, house work, laundry, guitar practise, guitar hero, email, ect…
So I’m taking this little sleep loss as a lot of chores gained.

Posted by: Jess | March 11, 2010


The other night I had a dream. I dreamt my family and I moved to California. It took us forever to get there due to serial road blocks. I can’t remember what the delays were. When we finally reached the house it was late at night. The house itself was empty of furniture and pictures on the walls, but as I took a closer look I found cleaning products and open bags of chips. The funny thing was none of it was old or spoiled.
The house was so vivid that it made me think that the dream was prophetic. And if that is true I wish I could remember why we were leaving and what the road blocks were. Can dreams even be prophetic? I wonder…

Posted by: Jess | February 24, 2010


Last night I had a dream.

My family and I were in a huge truck driving my older step-brother to his mother’s house in the mountains. My mother sat next to him in the beat seat. They began to argue about my step-brothers behavior. I then turned my seat around to watch the scene play out. As my mother tried to explain that my step-brothers actions were disrespectful and very frustrating my step-brother was trying to hug my mother, but my mother was in no mood for it. Soon we found ourselves at our destination and with a loud F YOU! to my mother and family my step-brother leapt out of the cab and stormed off toward his truck parked behind a few bushes. My mother and step-father went to the house to speak to his mother.
Meanwhile my sister and I decided to wander around and found a huge gray concrete building. We stared at the building and wondered what is was and why is was so high in the mountains when a very large man in a black t-shirt came up to us and asked if we wanted to go inside and look around. Curious we agreed and journeyed inside.
We discovered that the building was a laboratory and also a school and that there were many more levels that just the one on the surface. The man in the black T-shirt lead us to a room were a class of young students were learning about the heart and there was many specie’s hearts on the tables and hanging from metal scaffolding. I was looking at a large bundle of hearts suspended from the frame. I grasped one large heart in my hand and then removed the gray skin encasing the heart. Doing this it became very slippery and dropped into a pale of liquid. As I pulled it out of the pale and was admiring the complexity of the artery valves a little boy no more than 8 looked over and saw the slimy heart in my hands. I saw him looking at me and held up the heart and asked if he wanted to see it closer. He said no then hurled on the ground. I chuckled a little as the teacher and other adults went to help the sick boy. I then brought the heart over to my sister so she could admire it as well. She did not find it interesting but very gross. So I started to chase her around with the heart dripping in my hands and chased her out of the laboratory, which as I found out it not ok because the doors shut behind us locking us out. I then found a bag to put the heart into and took off my gloves.
We then went to look for someone in charge to try to put the heart back into the laboratory. Soon we were lost in the building and couldn’t find our way back to the laboratory doors. We found our way to the school level and over heard some girls talking about the mess that I had created in the laboratory and saying that the heart I held in the bag was a human heart and there was a huge fine for steeling human remains from the science lab. A little panicked we started to the elevators when the girls we over heard saw us and began to chase after us. To try to lose the girls we darted past the elevator and down through hallways and past several doors. At times it seemed that we where sure to be caught, but with the help of some friendly janitors in red jumpsuits we made it to the elevators. As we ascended in the elevator car I decided to leave the heart with the nice janitors and make a break for the car, but when we reached the top-level a group of guards in tight black T-shirts was there to apprehend us. Seeing that there was no escape I tried to explain that we weren’t steeling the heart but were goofing around when the doors shut behind us. As I was explaining this one of the girls that was chasing us came up from behind me and yanked the bag from my hand and started yelling to the guards that she had the heart and to tackle my sister and I. Being clumsy and not looking were she was going to put the bad with the heart in it right in front of a nozzle of frozen carbon dioxide. Seeing this I tried to tell the dingbat what she had done, but being a ditz she didn’t listen and the bad and heart froze into a solid chunk of ice.

And then I woke up.

Posted by: Jess | January 22, 2010

Why Virgin Mary?

I didn’t dream last night, but I did come a cross an old dream I had written.

I dream I was in a huge old castle that had been turned into a fancy hotel for the rich, wearing a black cocktail dress. I was wondering around admiring the sheer size of the lobby when the maĆ®tre d’ came over to me and asked me to leave if I wasn’t a guest. I said ok and continued up stairs instead of out of the hotel. I was met on the third level by a band of ninjas all dressed in black. I ran into a room when three of my friends showed up dressed in hero outfits with the light shining behind them and the wind blowing against them (very movie like). There was an epic battle between the evil ninjas and my hero like friends, but during the feud I was captured and taken away from my friends and out of the hotel.
When I came to I was dressed in the virgin Mary’s clothing and both of my hand were covered with piercings and metal rings in each. I was outside of the hotel in the garden area by a koi pond. The villains then put me on a floating concrete block chair and attached metal wirings to the rings on my hands. The wires were conected to an electric devise. One of the masked brute turned on the machine. I could feel the electricity traveling through my hands and into my body. They continued to increase the level of intensity one level to the next until I was screaming and screaming. I remember it felt like my mouth was on fire and my teeth were melting.

Then I woke up.

Posted by: Jess | January 20, 2010

Time Travel Anyone?

Last night I had a dream that I was time traveling with John Larroquette. We started our journey at a future stock market. The market wasn’t full of chaos and stress but rather was full of a calmness and even an air joyousness. Small groups of people were gathered at half circle tables like black jack tables in casinos, but instead of being level with the seated it rose into a slow slant. And each half circle was divied evenly into eight slices or widgets with a picture of the person biding or selling in what looked like a color sketch. But as I looked closer it was a moving mirror image of each person. So if the person turned their head one way or another it would be mirrored in their picture on their widget.
I was enchanted but the process when a world leader of high-ranking general came into the room to join the others and greeting one another. So John and I took that opportunity to leave and venture else where.
He then took me to a storage space underneath the stock market. It was a four-foot high concert room lit only by a few small lights on the wall. I was admiring all the little interesting things that John collected after his many years of traveling, when I noticed an old movie poster from the 1920’s era that looked bran new. Next to it was a movie poster to a movie’s 20th anniversary edition that hadn’t been made yet and it was signed by all the cast and some of the crew that made the movie. With the posters were some baseball cards, ribbons, and video tape with no labeling. I asked John if he had really collected all these remarkable things himself. He answered with a simple humble yes.
We then started to head out of the small room when I put my arm through his and asked him, “Have you ever gone looking for famous people when you stop in the time periods that you do?” He looked at me confusingly and I said, “Like have you even gone looking for Elvis to be his friend or play a foot ball game with him?” “No,” he said, “If I ever meet people famous it was only by chance.” “Oh,” I replied. As we walked into the light of what I thought was the main floor of the future stock market we were, in fact, walking into a scene from the old west. There in front of me was an old fashion barn with both of it’s huge doors on both side of it’s faceing walls flung open. We continued through the open space within the barn and on the other side was my neighbor Bill and his youngest son John-Dell. (Which is very funny because both of me neighbors look like they both could be from that era. Both in jeans, white shirts, leather vests, and cowboy boots. And Bill in his leather wrists guards and big Stetson hat and even a huge beard to match.) We watched as both were setting up a device that was make mostly of wood except from the huge steak of steel sticking out of the ground. The device was pounding the stack into the ground and both Bill and his son were setting to huge wooden mallet to give the stack another pound into the ground. John continued to look at the heavy work before us while I was looking at the whole scene of working horses and mules pulling carts of wood, hay, and steel and women running from this place to the next with small children at their heels trying to keep up with their mothers. The steel was the foundation of the railroad bridge, but the odd thing was we weren’t in a valley or even a small slope. But the finished part of the bridge was at lest 30 stories high and I couldn’t see what it was connected to.

I stood in astonishment at what was before me when I was woken up at a very early hour and didn’t have the oppertunity to return to my quite amazing dream.

Posted by: Jess | January 11, 2010

The Black Panther in the Dinner

Last night I had a dream…

I was in the center of a large city. A city not like New York or Denver, but a city made of silver, copper, and gold. The skyscrapers went on forever into long spirals that continued out of sight into the sun light. I could tell that it was either a future city of Earth’s or a different planets’ city. I became aware that I was to marry one of the city kings/princes. I didn’t want to marry either of them, but I couldn’t tell them that or I would be banished or something worse so I told each of them they have to bring me a gift that was extra special. The first king was dressed in gold warriors clothing and had long blond hair with a golden mustache. The second was in a green and silver (less masculine than the others) warriors clothing with short brown hair and clean-shaven. Each ran off to find myself a gift to please me.
Meanwhile I went for a walk around the city and as I traveled to the more unpleasant parts of town I saw that there was a war or sorts was going on. The battle was between a small group of street rebels and what looked like the cities army or officers of robots and heavily metal clade men. I ran into an alleyway to escape the fight but the army mistook me for one of the rebels and started to tear down a brick wall trying to capture me. I then ran into an abandon building and the robot continued to search for me down the street. Revealed I went into the street and found one of the rebel survivors and asked him what that was all about. He explained that the fight against the city was for the right to be your own person. If you were apart of the lowers society and or lower wealth, the upper classes could and would buy you off of your family and use you for whatever purpose they wanted you for. As he told me this I realized those two kings that wanted to marry me were apart of this upper class and I could maybe help and convince one of them to help this cause. He was explaining all the many battles and street fights he had led as we walked to a secret dinner that all the rest of the remaining survivors would meet at. Unlike the rest of the city the dinner was something right out of a 50’s picture with the exception of the many worn out rebel fighters that filled the once clean dinner. We entered the dinner and he introduced me to the rest of his clan and then they continued with the conversation about this myth that could help them win the fight against the city. The myth was that a black panther wearing a black fedora would be the only way to win the endless battle.
As they were arguing about if the myth was true I was thinking about how a panther could help this fight when a cloud of thin black mist appeared in the middle of the dinner. That mist grew larger and in an instant the mist turned into a very large black as night panther wearing an equally black fedora. She circled the dinner and her glowing yellow eyes seemed to follow me as she spoke. “So you think this myth can help you win the fight?” she asked in a tantalizing low voice. We all stood in the dinner speechless. She continued to stare at me when she tossed her head back and let out a laugh and as she did so she shook off her fedora and disappeared. The fedora did not disappear however and landed at my feet. The whole dinner then was looking at me in amazement. I picked up the fedora and an idea came to me on how to stop and fight and both parties would be satisfied. I then explained that both of the kings wanted to marry me and I cloud put a stop to the feud.
I then went back to the center of the city and found the first king in his golden suit of armor but with nothing else was with him. I asked what he had brought me for my special gift. He stood there very proud and said, “I have brought myself! For I am the best at so many things and nothing could be more perfect for you.” I paused and then replied, ” So you have no flaws then?” He looked at me as if I was no more than a drooling infant. “Of course not,” he almost shouted. “Then I can’t marry you,” I calmly said. He stared at me in disbelief the said, “You will regret this decision!” He then stormed off. The second king then came up to me holding a mid size silver box with green gems decorating the outside. “What have you brought me?” I asked. “Only this,” he said as he opened the lid of the box to show the lining of green velvet and a beautiful silver, blue and green necklace. “It was my mothers and it is very special to me,” he said very humbly. I then looked into his eyes and saw only honesty. “I will be your queen if you help those less fortunate and stop this bloody endless fight,” I said. He then smiled with great joy and replied, “I would do anything to have you my love.”

And then I woke up.

Posted by: Jess | January 4, 2010

Are you listening?

Are you listening? Can you hear it? It’s like a cry on a whisper. Calling out to me, to a place where the worries are few and the silence is deafening. A place where laugher is more often than the tears; where plans turn out the way you anticipated; where the people care for you and one another. A place where the homes are filled with love and the streets are filled with song and dance.

I sit here hearing the call but unable to return it. I try to explain to cry to others, but they can not or will not listen.

Oh how I long to be free.

Posted by: Jess | December 18, 2009

Dreaming of the past.

Last night My dreams were not what you could say consistent something about lumber jacks and money. So I decided to write about a past dream I had and have written down.

I was on stage acting in a play. I don’t remember what the play or what I was about. I was drawing a blank on some of the acts. The funny thing was I was on stage at my old school from my childhood years and I was acting with David Tennant. (who, by the way, is a fantastic Actor and if you don’t know of him look him up)
The play didn’t go as well as expected and not many people came to see it, but David was reassuring me that we did a fine job and it was their lost for missing it. Just as we were about to leave the ground begun to shake. Puzzled we went to the main doors that led out into the hallway. There we saw people running about in confusion. Apparently the time reality shifted when the ground shook or visa versa. The ground shocked again almost knocking us to the floor. We had to keep the doors to the gym closed so David and I ran from door to door slamming them shut. The earth continued to quake and grew in violence. So much that the doors were opening and the crazed crowd came running into the gym. The whole gym was filled with chaos. With a huge quake both David and I felt to the ground. We knew that with another one like that the building would collapse. We both lay on the floor staring at he ceiling. I thought that our end had come and we all would soon be dead in a heap of rubble.
David the jumped up and said, “Not on my watch!” Then he ran over to a huge lever pulling it down just as another quake was beginning. The lever stopped the quake and trapped a giant pink with purple grub. David ran up to the grub and opened up a black hole in the wall sucking in the grub with it. And just like that we were all saved. The rest of the people were celebrating and hugging one another. David and I just breathed a big sigh of relief. I gave him a hug as a way of saying thanks.

And then I woke up.

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